The 20 best Wetherspoons pubs in the UK are named – see if your local is on the list

Britons will want to know if their Wetherspoons make the list after a top 20 has been compiled through exhaustive research.

Wetherspoons has long been a favorite for drinkers across the country, offering food and drink at great prices.

And now a list has been compiled of the best in the UK based on TripAdvisor data and reviews.

With 836 Wetherspoons pubs said to exist in 629 towns, the battle for the top spot has been fierce and clearly subjective, with each having their own preferences.

Most Wetherspoons are in England and have claimed 10 of the top 20 pubs on the list, according to the Express.

The Brockley Barge has been chosen in the top 20 Wetherspoons pubs(Soup spoons)


The Imperial, Exeter – 4/5 stars

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