Town named one of UK’s cheapest seaside resorts is on the rise

Salcombe in Devon may be the most expensive coastal location in the country, with some hotels charging nearly £500 for a one night stay, but at the other end of England there is a seaside town that offers rooms for just £25 per person.

The ‘underrated’ seaside town of Newbiggin-by-the-Sea has been named the UK’s cheapest seaside location to buy a house, with an average price of £117,763. The comparison with Salcombe, where one estate agent set the average house price at over a million pounds more – at £1,246,087.

A house by the sea will probably cost you upwards of £300,000, with most of the cheaper houses located further inland. However, locals say the town is “underrated” as it has a host of amazing quirks.

The Devon seaside resort has cafes that charge £2.80 for a latte, but in the north they cost £1.90. Fish and chips by the sea in Salcombe can cost £13, but that compares to around £9.40 in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea. Punters pay £3.60 for a basic pint of lager in the northern seaside resort – but in Salcombe some listings show £6. In Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, a bucket and shovel cost £5. In Devon one place charges £11.

Newbiggin town center is full of independent shops, backing onto the only south-facing bay in all of Northumberland. Many who grow up there see no reason to leave, while those who get there fall in love fairly quickly.

And it’s not the first time Newbiggin has been in the limelight recently, when it was named one of the UK’s trendiest Airbnb resorts in July 2022. It’s all a huge turnaround. from a city once ranked in the top five per hundred most deprived areas in the UK. Tourism has now overtaken fishing and mining as the city’s key industry.

Hazel Steel, 64, grew up in Newbiggin and has owned her shop, Sew Quilted by the Sea, for nearly seven years. She described the town as one of the most underrated places in the UK and said she was inundated with tourists attracted by the falling cost of living, with a meal for two and a bottle of wine ranging between £20 and £25. .

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