Twitter sends a Meta Cease-and-Desist message via the Threads app

Twitter sent Meta a cease and desist letter via its newly launched Thread app. The letter claims that Meta hired former Twitter employees to build the product.

Twitter threatens legal action against Meta over the new Thread app. This information comes from a cease and desist letter that the social media giant sent to Meta on July 6. Twitter’s basis for legal action relates to trade secrets.

The letter, written by Alex Spiro, claims Twitter did just that Serious concerns about the “systematic, willful, and illegal misappropriation” of its trade secrets and intellectual property. It also claims that the app has scraped Twitter data.

Elon Musk also commented on the development, tweeting, “Competition is good, cheating is not.”

Spiro also wrote in letter That the Meta employed dozens of former Twitter employees, who had and still have access to trade secrets and top-secret information.

Meta Communications Manager Andy Stone to explain on Threads also highlighted the fact that the Threads engineering team does not have a former Twitter employee.

Threads and Instagram are inextricably linked

One point of contention with the Threads app is the fact that if users delete their threads profile. They will also lose their Instagram account. This is because the two are closely related. However, users can delete individual posts.

app Offers That users have to delete their Instagram account to delete their profile and their data. It also explains why Themes are not currently available in Europe, where EU regulations require apps to have a separate infrastructure. However, Meta stock rose after Threads was launched.

The difficulty of Twitter’s battle with Meta is compounded by the fact that another competitor, Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky, is also making progress. The latter announced an $8 million seed round and first paid service in a blog post Posted on July 5th.

The post, titled “Our plan for an open and sustainable social network,” talks about its long-term mission. NEO led the $8 million round with other investors, including Kubernetes founder Joe Beda.

The funding will be used to expand team, operations and infrastructure costs, and grow the Bluesky AT protocol and application ecosystem.

As for its monetization plans, Bluesky has revealed that it will ditch its popular advertising model. Instead, the company will offer custom domains as its first paid service. It has partnered with Namecheap to offer an easy domain buying and management process.


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