Ubisoft and SEGA could revive interest in Blockchain games

Gaming giants Ubisoft and SEGA are said to be investing heavily in blockchain gaming with original titles Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles. The Battle of the Three Kingdoms.

The companies will build their addresses on the Oasys blockchain.

Ubisoft and SEGA Blockchain games are based on Oasys

According to the official Ubisoft website, it may first drop free codes needed to participate. A trailer for the game suggests a similar aesthetic to board games.

The company also released Rabbid figures in the Sandbox and introduced similar collectibles to the Sorare card-based fantasy soccer name.

Launched in February 2022, Aussies It is an EVM-compliant and proof-of-stake blockchain with no gas fees. Its founding team includes CEOs from top game companies, including Bandi Namco Research and PlayStation.

Using Oasys Network, Japanese game maker SEGA will Web2 brought hit Sangokushi Taisen to Web3. Blockchain game experts Double Jump Tokyo will develop the PC based trading card game Battle of Three Kingdoms. Previously, SEGA released an NFT collection on Oasys.

Can Oasys and Ubisoft revive interest with better gameplay?

Web3 games provide players with the opportunity to own and exchange in-game assets. There are over three billion players worldwide. For some estimatesGames are bigger than the music and movie industries combined.

US gaming revenue peaked at $7 billion in January | source: Statista

Arguably, early attempts at blockchain gaming struggled to create compelling gameplay. Instead, the developers have focused on the in-game blockchain economy, sometimes at the expense of poor visuals or frivolous stories.

It can be said that this is because the games are developed by companies with skills in coding rather than in the gaming space.

On the other hand, Ubisoft, creators of the massive Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry franchises, is the first AAA studio to invest heavily in Web3-based games.

In addition to bringing the economics of Web3 to a title gamers want to play, Grimoria could revive waning interest in the NFT space.

Prior to its pivot in artificial intelligence, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, wanted to get more users into the Horizon Worlds metaverse experience through virtual environments.

The company’s faltering ambitions suffered from onerous hardware requirements and a pervasive purchasing shortage.

Find out more here about what the metaverse is.

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