VAR COULD NOT interfere with Alfredo Morelos’ Rangers goal because referee Nick Walsh’s hands were tied

Former FIFA referee Stuart Dougall insists VAR COULDN’T intervene in Alfredo Morelos’ controversial disallowed goal against Celtic, but admits he would like to see a protocol change to allow Kevin Clancy to take a second look at the incident.

Dougall says the fact the whistle did not make a “clear and obvious error” meant Nick Walsh was helpless at Clydesdale House as Morelos and Celtic defender Alistair Johnston pounced to win the ball and Borna Barisic’s corner he thought was leading home. the opening goal.

The same two players were involved in another incident in the second half in which the Canadian hoops winger appeared to pull the forward’s shirt, with Dougal insisting it was “high-risk defending” and saying VAR would NOT be involved. decision if Clancy did. showed on the spot.

But on Morelos’ disallowed goal storm, Dougal said on the BBC’s Vardict: “The problem with some factions is that VAR can’t intervene because it’s not seen as a clear and obvious mistake. If there is something much more glaring – no contact – then VAR can step in and ask the referee to look at it again. But where they look at that clip, and it’s a bit 50/50 or 60/40 depending on which side of the fence you’re on, VAR can’t be involved under current protocols.

“If I’m the ref in that situation, I wouldn’t mind taking a second look at it a little bit just to make sure the call was right. Kevin may very well go to the monitor if they call him on VAR and look at it and say he’s comfortable that he saw a push and that it leads to a foul. He could look at it and say it wasn’t as bad as it looked and VAR would let him score.”

Clancy could have let the goal stand and let the VAR decide, and Dougal said: “That’s a great point but the simple reason is if Kevin doesn’t say that and he relies on VAR and they basically say he’s wrong. then that means kevin is wrong. So by not making a decision he can still make a mistake. It’s important that the refereeing team, not just the match official, call the shots as they see them, and if VAR is needed to ‘save’ them, then it can be.”

Alfredo Morelos protests his innocence

Regarding the incident involving two players in the second half, Dougal said: “He would have looked at all the key incidents in the penalty area and supported the fact that there was no clear and obvious wrongdoing. It’s borderline whether there’s enough there to get Kevin to look at it. Both players, we see it a lot, where there’s a bit of a frenzy going on. VAR will be involved if one is clearly obstructed and the other does not attempt to go to the ball. This is where VAR would probably step in and say “there’s too much going on”.

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