What are we all playing this weekend?

This week, for the first time in a long time, I stayed up well after bedtime playing a video game. I had left a weird idle clicker on The Barnacle Goose Experiment abiogenesis in the background for a few days, procrastinating a bit every time I stumbled back to the browser tab, until one day it told me struck. I don’t remember what it was, but one discovery was so strange and exciting that I sat there for four hours thinking “I’ll go to bed when this result comes in”, and then. Weft. I am now far too old to stay awake after bedtime playing video games and am always tired. Anyway! What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on!

Alice Bee

I got even better at Hardspace: Shipbreaker, though I haven’t had that much time to clock in lately. I’m also going to make time to play more Betrayal At Club Low, as it’s our game club game this month, and our podcast this week has me wanting to give Alice: Madness Returns a whirl. . I remember thinking it was beautiful, but I remember a lot of things. It’s on Game Pass, though!


I disappear into the Highlands for a week to climb hills, touch moss, swear at the sights, swim in new waters and coo in front of lambs. Have you seen this year’s lambs? Perhaps the most valuable lambs of all time. Tiny babies are the smallest, their antics are the most chaotic, and the burly teens are the most rambunctious. I haven’t seen a lamb parkour yet this year, but I bet this is the most stylish. So if I play something it will be Slice & Dice on my phone.


I’m going to have a good time with my new Steam Deck! I tried LAD: Ishin via Remote Play the other day and was blown away, it’s ridiculous that we’ve moved from Game Boys and PSP to this, isn’t it? I’ve also invested in a third-party docking station, so I’m hoping to be able to game remotely on my TV and not be at my desk when playing cool PC games. I can’t wait to properly find myself in Resident Evil 4 and explore some of the forgotten items in my library.


Game time is short this weekend, as I’m going to two Magic: The Gathering preview events for the new March of the Machines set. For those unfamiliar, a preview event is where you open packs of the new set and use your draws to create a 40-card deck, before playing in a short tournament. My friends and I all promised that none of us would watch the recommended previews early, so we’re all supposedly going blind. Do I trust them? I’m really not sure. Anyway, wish me luck!


I’ve just started a new game of Ghostwire: Tokyo (as seen on Game Pass!), and I’m taking a more relaxed and enriched approach to side-quests than the first time around. So far, I’ve ignored saving my sister in favor of exorcizing a bathhouse and rescuing a zashiki-warashi from the greatest evil in history, a landlord.

Matthew Castle takes us on a ride in Ghostwire: Tokyo

is on vacation !


Ah, I love the weekend after a four-day work week. It almost feels like we tricked the system, somehow. Especially when the sun has finally decided to adorn Newcastle with a few meager rays. They may be petty but after months of covered nothingness I’m gonna take all the vitamin DI I can cram into my cells Thanks a lot. All this to say that I probably won’t play many games this weekend. I will however continue to choose Dredge over the Steam Deck as it is very very good. You can read more about my thoughts on next week’s episode of Indiescovery. Promoting my own podcast in a wappa article, right? Shameless. Embarrassing.


Along with the usual jumps into Apex Legends whenever the map rotation gives us Olympus (all hail Olympus), I started diving back into Fortnite for the first time in several years. Despite my firm belief that building in Fortnite is fantastic and it’s stupid that people love No Build mode so much, I’m now one of those stupid people who love No Build mode. It’s a much easier way to get back into the game after years away, without having to worry about extra hotkeys for placing floors, walls, and stairs. I’m kicking ass so far – last game I played I got a 15 kill win. I also take secret joy in the fact that all of my skins and emotes are from so much earlier in the life of Fortnite than most players I meet have probably never seen them before.

is far!


I’m off for most of next week to visit family, so here’s what I’ll be playing not just over the weekend, but also on my mini-vacation! I finished Danganronpa 2 during the holiday, so now I can dive into some nice aftergame modes and peacefully hang out with characters who died for most of the main story. And if that doesn’t sit well with me as an antidote to the undeniable canonical melancholy of most of my favorite franchises, I have the unofficial Life Is Strange alternate universe visual novel, Love Is Strange, for the sequel.

But you, dear reader, what are you playing this weekend?

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