A woman went to see an apartment and ended up changing her life

A shop owner on Lark Lane said business was booming despite the cost of living crisis, but admitted it could be exhausting.

In April last year, Kate Graham, 29, moved from her vintage clothing stand at Red Brick Market to her own boutique, The Retro Room. She was visiting a flat on The Lane, which she now lives in, and walked past a woman painting a building and she saw the potential.

Kate said: “She [the owner] had 100 candidates, but she wanted retail, she didn’t want food, and there were only four retail candidates, and she gave it to me. That was two years ago, I had to wait a year for the shop to be finished as it was literally falling apart when she inherited it.

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The shop is aptly named “The Retro Room” and is a sustainable vintage clothing store that sells quirky and quirky accessories.

Walking down idyllic Lark Lane it’s instantly recognizable, with its brightly colored shop window, which fits in well alongside Freida Mo’s further down, which also sells vintage.

Kate originally had a dog grooming business in Ormskirk, having secured a grant from the Prince’s Trust. She ran it for a year or two, but then developed Crohn’s disease and had to close the business.

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