Worldcoin Hits 2 Million Subscribers But Can It Be Trusted?

Worldcoin confirmed that it has entered 2 million people on its World ID platform, But its source especially It remains a black box.

New sign-ups are coming from Seoul, New York, Japan, Buenos Aires, Berlin and Barcelona.

One identity is the goal, says the CEO

According to a press release, the company is qualifying 40,000 new people every day. The company takes pictures of a person’s eyes using its proprietary Orb technology.

Billed as a way to check a real eye against a photo, the orb is central to Worldcoin’s plan to identify real people amid a rise in artificial intelligence.

Tools for Humanity (TFH), the company behind the World ID protocol, says Orb does not store personal data. Instead, it stores the image as an iris icon and destroys the original file.

Speaking on Bloomberg’s Odd Lots podcast recently, Alex Banja, CEO of TFH, said that the Worldcoin project was trying to give everyone in the world a unique digital identity. Its global identity will help governments deal with the dual passport issue and will digitize outdated government databases.

Learn more here about decentralized identity.

The venture recently raised $115 million in a funding round to hire new employees to expand operations. Worldcoin recently compact Its world ID protocol to Auth0, a global authentication platform. The Web3 Organization Talent Protocol also integrated the Scientist ID.

Worldcoin Codebase remains closed, despite promises

Privacy advocates first described the orb as an invader when it used images to train its artificial intelligence to separate the real from the fake. Many entities, including whistleblower Edward Snowden, saw the project in its early stages as the first steps toward a surveillance state.

Worldcoin co-founder Sam Altman said privacy concerns will diminish once Worldcoin opens its code.

However, at the time of this publication, the project github It reveals scant information about the inner workings of the project. Mostly closed codebase repositories contain front-end APIs for developers to integrate World ID.

Geometric drawing of the orb | source: Worldcoin github

In addition, it cannot provide a circuit board drawing that connects the main board to the front unit.

A report published in the MIT Technology Review said that Worldcoin contractors exploited people in impoverished areas to train Orb AI. In response to the accusations, Tools for Humanity said its contractors have signed agreements about their responsibilities but are solely responsible for their actions outside of that.

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