Xbox Game Pass free games for April 2023 announced

Xbox has detailed the first wave of free games coming to Game Pass in April, across consoles, PC, and cloud streaming.

There are three different versions of Microsoft’s subscription service: one for console, one for PC, and an Ultimate tier that combines the two and adds the ability to stream games to console, PC, and smart devices (including a handful of TVs ).

This month has already seen loop hero (console, PC) and Iron Brigade (cloud, console) drop, with a biggie expected to drop in just a few days.

Ghostwire: Tokyo (cloud, console, PC) is a game where you have to fight against all the paranormal entities invading Tokyo using martial arts and supernatural powers. This one comes from Tango Gameworks, the studio set up by the legendary resident Evil And dinosaur crisis director Shinji Mikami.


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You’ll be able to play it on Game Pass starting April 12, when it arrives on Xbox, but be aware that you’ll only be able to download it on Series X|S consoles, not the Xbox One lineup. However, you can still stream from these older machines.

One day later, NHL 2023 (console) drops. EA Sports’ latest hockey series adds women’s teams to Ultimate Team mode. As an EA game, it will be available through EA Play through Game Pass PC and Ultimate.

minecraft legends

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Minecraft Legends (cloud, console, PC) drops on April 18, which is actually the day of its release. A third person action strategy world conquest game, the game sees the player trying to save the world from invading nether piglins. There is also competitive and cooperative multiplayer.

If you’re an Ultimate subscriber in the US, you can also get two free months of Peacock Premium Plus streaming service, which is nice.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 month subscription


But Game Pass gives, Game Pass takes away. On April 15, the following games are leaving the service: Life is Strange: True Colors (cloud, console and PC), Moonglow Bay (cloud, console and PC), Panzer Corps 2 (CP), Rainbow Six Mining (cloud, console and PC), The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk (cloud, console and PC), The long darkness (cloud, console and PC), and The Riftbreaker (cloud, console and PC).

If you want to keep these games, you can buy them at 20% off before their Game Pass drop date.

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