YouTuber ‘Blue’ Accused of $1.5 Million Crypto Scam: ZachXBT Exposed

After an extensive investigation, online investigator ZachXBT claimed that YouTuber Blue was involved in crypto scams that resulted in the theft of more than $1.5 million. ZachXBT has provided various screenshots as evidence.

On July 10, well-known cryptocurrency investigator ZachXBT posted a series of tweets. It has been claimed that one of Blue, who has a YouTube channel called JB’s Adventures and is known as Jack Butcher on his Twitter page, was a YouTuber turned fraudster.

ZachXBT crypto scam investigation on Big-Time YouTuber Blue

ZachXBT posted some information about the YouTuber, claiming that he was the perpetrator of a number of robberies. The investigator claims that Blue began participating in cryptocurrency scams in 2021.

Blue channel on YouTube. Source: YouTube / JB’s Adventure

Primarily focused on gaming and pranking content on his YouTube channel, Blue has seen significant growth in 2020.

He also runs a Discord server, where he talks about lucrative Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT takeover scams and acquisitions.

ZachXBT states that Blue used the stolen funds to purchase items ranging from cars to Roblox assets.

Proof of the Blue Monkey Drying Association

As evidence, ZachXBT published a post on Snapchat that linked it to an Ethereum ENS called cool-breeze.eth. After further investigation, ZachXBT said the address was used to acquire the Bored Ape Yacht Club 8668 NFT in October 2022.

ZachXBT then noticed the inflows topping out at 85 ETH. This amount represented nearly a third of the stolen money. One can trace it back to the addresses associated with the Monkey Drainer phishing scam.

Blue ties with drying monkey exposed by the online investigator.  Source: Twitter/ZachXBT
Blue ties with dried monkey exposed. source: Twitter/ ZachXBT

The investigator also posted photos from Discord as evidence of involvement in the scams. ZachXBT claims that the primary method of fraud involved spamming Twitter with verified accounts.

Monkey Drainer is a notorious service in the cryptocurrency market, which was ordered to be shut down in March 2023. Described as a scam as a service, it facilitates crypto scams, taking a 30% cut from attackers who use its drainer nodes.

One of the most significant attacks targeting the Monkey Drainer occurred last year. A project lost over 700 ETH in October 2022. Scams continue to haunt the market. While closing the Monkey Drainer will bring some relief, it is still an issue.

Wallet provider MetaMask warned users to be careful after it reported that users had received phishing emails.


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